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NES Nintendo Spanish Gluk Games

The Spannish Gluk NES games are notoriously hard to price. They appear all to infrequently, and are not something that appeals to everyone.

As an example, by browsing around NA, I can find unverified info on some prices for reference. Boxed Thunder Warrior with a manual (one of the only seen Gluk manuals period) has sold for $250, Volleyball (arguably the rarest overall game) has sold for $250, El Destructor & El Monstruo de los Globos have sold for $150 each loose, they have also both sold for $65 boxed. That last example pretty much shows you how the pricing for these is all over the place. Really depends on condition, exposure and how many people are interested at the time. Anyways, there’s a couple up now and all are overpriced in my opinion. Worth a shot at making an offer though.

Loose ($79.49 BINs):
Booky Man
Corre Benny

Boxed ($350 BINs)
La Alfombra Magica
El Destructor
Booky Man


NES Small Box Spaninsh Tennis – $12.12 BIN. I think I’m being nice by sharing this. Condition kind of sucks, but small box games are awesome. If it’s still there tomorrow I’m going to have to give it a home.

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