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Neverhood Original Painting by Doug TenNapel

This is another one of those auctions where, while the item itself pretty epic, it is (in my mind at least) worth nowhere near the asking price.

Who is Doug TenNael you may ask?

He`s an american musician, animator, Eisner Award-winning artist, author and writer. Yawn. However, he also created Earthworm Jim.

Another game he created was Neverhood, a 1996 PC CD-ROM adventure game. While it received positive reviews, it was not a commercial hit. Its release coincided with the mid-1990s decline of adventure games. If you`re like me, you may be more fmailiar with the PS1 sequal, Skullmonkeys.

The game sold about 42,000 copies before being discontinued and is actually a semi rarity in itself. Complete copies often get listed for over $100, and loose copies can fetch between $20 – $50.

Anyways, I`m told the painting is from an original exhibition that inspired the video game.

Up for auction is this once in a lifetime opportunity to own an original Neverhood Scene painted by Doug TenNapel. This piece is from my private collection. It measures a large 48″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas. This painting was part of the Doug TenNapel 1989 gallery showing, “A beautiful day in the Neverhood”. The wooden stretcher was built by a female carpenter friend of Doug’s and painted in acrylic. This is a rare one of kind piece of art for any Neverhood fan or early computer game collector.

Auction Here

Thanks Micah!


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