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Next Generation Magazine Complete Run

next generation magazine complete run While nowhere near as interesting as the wealth of rare games posted by Nicola, this complete set of Next Generation magazines caught my eye. Game Magazine collecting isn’t fun if you’re looking for issues in mintish condition, and shipping isn’t for the fait of heart either.

That’s why I find complete runs so appealing. Let someone else do the legwork for you, and pay for shipping only once.

Next Generation Magazine (or NextGen) was different in it’s approach than competitors like GamePro and EGM. Instead it was directed to a more mature, adult audience by focusing more on the industry as opposed to individual games. Running from 1995 to 2002, it was affiliated with, and shared editorial content with the UK’s Edge Magazine.

When the magazine was canceled, the existing subscribers actually received issues of Playstation Magazine instead (*shudder*).

next generation magazine issue 1

83 Magazines – $26.00 (9 Days to go)


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