Nintendo 64 Blueprints, Diagrams, Display Map & Notes

No idea if these are legit, but they look pretty awesome.

From the auction:

Up for auction is an original Nintendo 64 blueprint/diagram. My father was one of the main tech guys in the mid 90’s at Nintendo located in Redmond, Washington and he still had some of the stuff he used to teach the people that would come from the Nintendo companies in South America. The auction will include the fold diagram in alright condition, and a 10-page set of the Nintendo 64 service manual/diagrams all with original notes. M

My parents worked for Nintendo during the mid 90’s. I have a lot of collectibles from when they worked there, I remember being 8 years old and always getting brand new magazines from my parents that they would get from work at Nintendo, pretty much leftovers mind you, from the early 90’s (Not even the latest issues). They would also get a lot of other cool stuff like jackets and backpacks and I know they have some other stuff stashed away. My mother was doing basic stuff there like putting stickers on the SNES and N64 cartridges, but my father was one of the main tech guys. One of my best recent memories was when I beat Donkey Kong 64 around year 2000 while he was on the couch and him pointing at the screen during the credits and telling me how big of friends he was with most of the staff’s names that appeared on-screen. Anyway, One of the stashed away things he had was these diagrams and notes, etc. of the Nintendo 64. I may post more of the things collected on my eBay.

Auction Here


Sealed TG-16 Lot
Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 2000) Brand New Factory Sealed
Nintendo video arcade Vs. System – RP2C03B PPU chip – Duck Hunt
Lot 160+ Original Nintendo NES Game Manuals
Xbox 360 XBL10th Anniversary
Konami Press Assets E3 2005 ~ Metal Gear Solid (3 4 Acid) Castlevania Promo DVD
Atari 2600 Mangia’ by Spectravideo
Resident Evil Outbreak T Shirt Gun Pistol Promo T-Shirt Biohazard
5 Screw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Game Boy Pocket Console Gold Edition Boxed
1982 Sega Tac/Scan Color Vector PCB Set w/Cage & Cables
Gimmick JAPAN Famicom
Sega Master System Compact Girl Pink
Nintendo Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. YM-901-S manual Good Condition w/Battery
Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim 4GB Taco Bell Cosole


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