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Nintendo Gamboy Demo Vision Development Unit

The Nintendo Demo Vision is a development and kiosk device which uses NES hardware. The Gameboys are hardwired to receive power and to send their audio / video data to the main unit. Games are still inserted into the systems, with the image and sound simultaneously sent to Gameboy screen and speaker as well as the Demo Vision’s A/V outputs.

The one handheld Demo Vision`s were used in the Gameboy Display Kiosks, while the two system units were apparently for development purposes. Inside are NES motherboards, each with individual RF and composite AV outputs. Each has EPROMs for PRG and CHR data with an on-board MMC5 mapper.

I don`t think I`ve seen one of these for sale since 2008, and that one has no systems.


Resident Evil 5 Asian Limited Edition
Limited Edition Street Fighter II Arcade Coins Promo – Japanese arcade release promo.
Fallout Survival Edition PC – Sold by a reader. This was the Amazon exclusive which included the life-size replica of the Pip-Boy 3000.
Sonic the Hedgehog 7 Foot Display Figure – Buyer wants pickup only, NJ area.
Sega Jurassic Park Press Kit – From 1992, includes the outer box, a VHS tape of screen shots of the video game, six slides and soundtrack cd. Some nice documents too. Cheap currently.
Atari Jaguar Cat Box – Basically plugs into the rear of the Jaguar and offers extra audio and video outputs as well as networking.
1998 Shenmue Ballpoint Pen – From TGS 1998. It’s a Shenmue ballpoint pen with the logo on the pen body and the box. Also Japanese contact info for Sega.
SNES Breath of Fire VGA 90
Frogger Atari Saturday Supercade Opening Title Animation Cel Storyboard Sheet – Original Production Storyboard sheets used in the production of the opening title sequence of the 1983 Hanna Barbera Saturday Supercade segment, “Frogger.” This set encompasses the entire opening title sequence of the Frogger segment. Seller has similar ones for Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Q-Bert and Pitfall.
Complete Ninja-Five-O GBA – Value on this guy is still pretty crazy.
Nintendo DS Download Station Volume 1 2 3 Not For Resale Demo Lot
Mass Effect Invasion Limited Edition Hadcover Novel – Hand signed and limited to 700 copies worldwide.


Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS, 2011) Sealed – VGA 95 GOLD

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