Nintendo Game and watches

A little selection of Nintendo Game and Watches

Mickey and Donald NOS

Mario the Juggler complete Mint

Mario’s cement factory complete Mint

Mario Bros

Climber boxed near mint

Punch out blister pack rare
Those blisterpacked g&w don’t show up too often. They were NOS repacked and sold cheaper years after the original release. Pretty scarce and looked after by most G&W collectors

Egg ultra rare mint
EGG is one of the first game & watch released and therefore is difficult to find in complete condition. Expect this one to fetch a high price


Snoopy CGL edition
CGL was a UK-based distributor, CGL versions of the games are rarer than the standard Nintendo ones but don’t seem to fetch insane prices.


Pinball Pocketsize edition
Some of the G&W were released by Nintendo of America under the brand “Pocketsize”. Pretty difficult to find

Gold cliff

Donkey Kong Jr rare Oto version
OTO was the italian distributor for the G&W, pretty hard to find complete.

YM901 complete
Nuff said, this is one of the holy grails of Game and Watch collecting: a special edition of Mario that was only available by mail order

This seller has a bunch of Russian game and watch clones

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