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Nintendo NES World Class Track Meet Box

Meet UncleTusk of Wal R Us games. He loves the NES, but has one big issue. Mr Tusk hates loose games. They just looks so cold, sterile and lonely. Now, for most games you can just get a complete copy right?

Wrong. What about games like Duck Hunt & Super Mario or Duck Hunt, Super Mario & Track Meet or even just World Class Track Meet?

Well, now there is a solution. UT has just released a custom manufactured box for World Class Track Meet.

In the spirit of generosity, he is also offering up a box to one lucky reader. Just comment below (make sure you are signed in and are using a legitimate email). If you have an suggestions for games (any system) that should have a box created, it would be appreciated as well.

Plans are in work for Super Spike VB/World Cup as well as possible Miricle Piano, but not for some time.

Tusk can also do any and all homebrew boxes, including one of a kind things and short runs, so contact him if you have any interest in that sort of thing.

Check his website, or order here.


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