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Nintendo Shampoo & Softdrinks

Nintendo Shampoo has actually been in my saved searches for years, so I can vouch how infrequently they show up. I actually ran across a ton of these as new old stock at a random dollar store around a decade ago and deeply regret not buying the full pallet they had.

Anyways, this seller has the set of four large Mario & Princess Peach Shampoo / Bubble Bath and the smaller set of four mini Mario & Princess Peach Shampoo / Bubble Bath.

They also have some soft drink related items, including two I have only heard of but never seen. First they have the Shasta Nintendo Cans. There’s an empty Mario Punch, an empty Luigi Berry, and a full four pack of Luigi Berry. I know that full cans of any drink are had to find, because they tend to rupture over time.

The highlights though are the Mario 2 Liter Faygo Rock & Rye and Root Beer bottles, which are promo and early contest / promotion in the 90’s.


Pokemon Stadium & Pokemon Stadium 2 Not For Resale Carts – Not a unfair price if you’re looking for NFR carts.
Sealed Yedigun Nintendo Gameboy Colour Ltd Edition – This was a part of some contest and from what I understand there is possibly both a US and a Turkish edition. A lot of six sealed ones came up last year and I can’t remember what it sold for. Given that a used system will fetch $150 however, the current $230 is pretty decent.
Game Gear Lot with Blue System – This LE was identical to the standard Game Gear, except in body color and was released in 1994 along with the game The Lion King.
XBOX 360 Signed by Chicago Bulls Team – I love randomly signed 360’s and you see a lot more of them than any other systems. This one includes 2011 MVP Derek Rose, as well as Luol Deng, Joakim Noahand Carlos Boozer. It was the grand prize of the Luol Deng Foundation “Game and Give Tourney”. Four were awarded apparently, and the seller has photos of Luol Deng Autographing the XBOX.
This seller has some cool and colorful GameBoy replacement screens.
Fan of the game Okamiden? You may want to check out this e-CAPCOM Limited Edition Box Set. Only available through the Capcom online store, it originally retailed for ¥8,000.
Garou: Mark of the Wolves Neo Geo AES JP -Â Ends today. Usually fetches around $600 or so, while the English version can fetch double that.



The Ratchet & Clank Carbonox Maquette from a few days ago? It ended at a whopping $2,025.00! Want more pricey stuff? Well the NEO GEO AES ROM Quiz Chibi Maruko Chan I featured went for $3,649.99! The Nintendo Fun Club Scoresheets went for $332.77. Lastly, the re-listed Limited Edition Darksiders XBOX 360 went for $3,596.56.

Resident Evil 5 Sand Globe Promo – I haven’t seen this before and thought it was awesome. I forgot to plugin it and it sold for pretty cheap.



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