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A Complete First Look At The Nintendo Switch – Plus NINTENDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS CART

There is a good chance you are already aware, but the Nintendo Switch was just released on Friday, March 3. Back in October 2016, Nintendo announced that they would be releasing the Switch in 2017.

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The Nintendo Switch is the successor to the Wii U.

According to Nintendo, the Switch is a hybrid console. The console functions in a variety of ways, making it very versatile. Although Nintendo mainly developed the Switch as a home console, you can also use it as a tablet via its touchscreen feature.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch in a shopping bag. March 5, 2017 in Yonkers, NY, USA.

It can be used by several players at once when used in tabletop mode.

The Switch features joy-con controllers which can connect via Bluetooth technology. The joy-con controllers operate as individual gamepads even when docked together as one single controller.

Joy-con controllers feature batteries that charge when you dock them to the console itself. One unique feature about the joy-con controllers is that they have quick release buttons on the back. The right sided controller features an IR camera for Nintendo Switch games that need to utilize a camera.

We really appreciated the SD card slot located right below the kickstand. This amazingly handy feature allows you to add games from Nintendo’s online shop. Though we recommend against it (as does Nintendo), you can most likely mod your system with all sorts of emulators and retro games.

(Note: be aware that you may end up ‘bricking’ the system if you do this to a Switch connected to the internet)

When it comes to usability, Nintendo Switch review results tend to be a mixed bag.

Some gamers do not like the feel and layout of the joy-con controllers. For example, the right joystick is rather low on the controller. Personally, this didn’t bother me as I played my copy of Breathe of the Wild with the Xbox influenced Pro controller.

Some gamers complained that using the right joystick requires you to hold the controller in an uncomfortable and unnatural angle.

“When it comes to usability, Nintendo Switch review results tend to be a mixed bag.”

That being said, the general consensus seems to be that playing on the Nintendo Switch joy-con controllers is easier and more enjoyable than playing games on a mobile phone or tablet. Reviewers were more satisfied with the left side of the controller.

There have also been some critiques about using the controllers individually when playing in tabletop mode.

Some gamers have noted that the controllers are too small and cramped to be used as effect SNES style controllers. Battery life on the joy-con controllers are decent. Additionally, our Switch offered approximately 3 hours of play when in handheld mode.

Speaking of which, Nintendo opted for a non-proprietary connector to charge the console. You can easily charge while on the go due to the Switch’s ability to charge via USB-C .

It seems that most gamers are more satisfied with the Nintendo Switch pro controller. The shape and hold of this controller is much more familiar and comfortable for most gamers. However, this is a separate purchase from the Nintendo Switch console set.

If you are determined to own a Switch (for the games) but are not happy with the joy-con controller’s button placement, trust me, spend the extra $50 to invest in the pro controller. It truly enhances the experience.

Nintendo Switch launch titles that released the same day as the console include: 1-2-Switch, Just Dance 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Skylanders: Imaginators, Super Bomberman R, I Am Setsuna, Snipperclips, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, and Fast RMX.

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