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Nintendo World Exclusives

Been sort of out of the loop lately since I’ve been doing other things.. But a friend of mine texted me a few weeks back about an exclusive release at Nintendo World here in New York City. To celebrate the Hyrule Warriors release, Nintendo announced that there’s a limited edition version of the game that included the highly sought after Zelda scarf exclusively at Nintendo World. Nintendo never gives away numbers but from where I stood that day, it looks to me that it was limited to at least 300 or less. By 7 AM that day, the line grew to about close to 600 people (I was one of the first 20) many of whom had to go home when they were told they didn’t have enough.

Speaking to a friend in line, I was told that before this launch, Nintendo World also had an exclusive Mario Kart 8 boxset which included a Mario figure. Doing research while I was in line, I found out that there were no listings available at the time until this morning when I checked again. A seller on ebay had actually listed his or her copy along with the Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition. The limited edition Mario Kart 8 had a few sold listings at around $280-$450 while the Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition went up to at least $800 (a seller sold x2 in the same listing for $1,600). It currently lingers around $650+. Who knows what it’ll bring around the holiday season.

Link to the listing


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