March Contest

Today we’re introducing a brand new feature that you’re sure to love.
Monthly prizes!

That’s right, each month we’ll be giving away tons of swag to a few lucky readers.

This month we’re offering a bunch of apparel full of geek gaming goodness, generously provided by Stylin Online In the future we’ll be offering more of the same, as well as rare and unique video games. There will even be some Protos in the future!

The Prizes:

(1) Grand Prize – Eight brand new Video Game Shirts of your choosing from below.
(2) Random Prizes – One brand new Video Game Shirt of your choosing from below.

So that’s one spectacular grand prize and two random bonus runner up prizes!

To see all the shirts available, go here to Stylin Online.

The Rules

This months contest is a forum Signature contest and it’s really simple to win. All you need to do is add a link to gameSniped in your signature on your favorite forum, and fill out the form below. You can only enter once with each forum, but you can enter with as many forums you post on! If you have a MySpace profile or a Blog, you can enter with them too!
Please don’t submit the same details multiple times however, we check for this and it is grounds for disqualification.

Sometime near the end of the month we’ll randomly pick out an entry, check their profile, and if they have it linked, award the prize!

We’ll also be giving out two Random Prizes during the month, so make sure you enter right away!

Entry Form

How To Enter

All you need to do is copy and paste the following into the appropriate section of your profile. If you have any questions or difficulties, just ask in the comments and we’ll be glad to help you out.

Not all forums allow HTML or BBCODE, you are only allowed to use plain text when neither is usable.

Rare & Unique Video Game Auctions -

[url=]Rare & Unique Video Game Auctions -[/url]

Check out for rare and unique Video Game auctions!


Only a few here now, but more will be available shortly. If you have any suggestions for graphics, or would like your favorite system available as soon as possible, just ask!

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