One of a Kind Dark Souls Black Knight Statue

Shortly before the recent release of the game Dark Souls, publisher Namco Bandai  commissioned five unique Dark Souls-themed sculptures.

The sculptures were created for the purpose of serving as prizes for fans that participated in, and successfully completed, the Treasures Untold sweepstakes on the official Dark Souls website,

Much like the game’s notorious difficulty, the odds of winning one of the statues were immeasurably stacked against sweepstakes participants. This is because each statue is a one of a kind item. That’s right, only five total statues were made; each one a unique design. Each statue was handcrafted and signed by sculptor Peter Nordstrom. Namco Bandai has also confirmed that the statues will never be reproduced.

The winner of one of the five statues has come forward and has now made his statue (of the Black Knight) available for sale. Judging by its current price, there’s no shortage of enthusiasm for the piece.

If your soul yearns and your pockets are deep, you can try to get this statue here.

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