Online Casino Winner bids for first Nintendo Color TV console

Possibly the coolest thing to do with winnings from an online game would be to buy the console that started it all. 6 years before Nintendo released Famicon in Japan the first gaming console; or rather series of machines that brought players video games on their TV was released. The Nintendo Color TV was actually a series of popular arcade games that could be played on your TV using one of the machines. This was the original prototype for later consoles and was released to the market in 1977, in 2010 -22 years later Nintendo sales figures had reached over 565 million hardware units sold, making them the biggest gaming company internationally.

The first version of the Nintendo Color TV is now up for auction and it’s a pretty rare piece that is guaranteed to be an expensive purchase. The highest bid so far has come from someone who wishes to remain anonymous and recently won a huge online casino jackpot at Lucky Nugget. It seems that owning the very first Nintendo gaming machine is a lifelong dream and they are prepared to spend a big chunk of their winnings to buy it. Knowing a bit about Nintendo’s history and the amount of different gaming consoles they have produced it makes the first Color TV a really pricey and special piece of hardware, especially since a copy of Nintendo Computer TV Game recently sold for $3000.The jackpot winner has obviously done his homework as later Nintendo consoles and games have reached huge prices and are exceedingly valuable. Would I spend a large chunk of my new fortune on a gaming console-probably not, but ask me again if I win big at an online casino and my answer might change.

If the jackpot winner s bid is successful they will be getting their hands on the original Color TV Game machine that offered the game” 6 Light Tennis”; a Pong clone that players used the dials on the machine to move a platform around to hit a ball. It allows for up to 2 players to play by moving the two knobs on the box, moving the paddles up and down. Players choose from any of the 6 game modes whereby each platform would move differently and they would have to stop the ball from slipping past their paddles to stay in the game. The Color TV release was exactly what it promised, the games were in colour and not in black and white, and the console itself was a funky orange colour consisting of 2 dials, one on either side and a control panel in the middle, the stuff gamer’s dreams were made of in the ‘70s.

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