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Pepsi Max XBOX 360 Limited Edition

Nicola has mentioned this, but I thought I would take another look at it. From what I remember this is the second one we’ve come across (previous here). Also, it seems the graphics on this one are essentially a vinyl skin instead of a nice custom air bursh job as we’ve seen on other Limited Edition Contest prize consoles. One owener told me that it looks like they could peel them off very easily. Despite that, 1/60 ain’t too shaby. The console was won through a Pepsi promotion known as “Cash for Kicks” in 2008, which I believe was a UK contest.

Currently one bid at $1,518.88 with a day to go.


Irish Launch Team ’05 XBOX 360 Console – Seems to be an OBO relist of this auction which must have had a non paying bidder.

This is your chance to own an ultra rare peice of XBOX history! As part of the Launch of the XBOX 360 in 2005, Microsoft gave a gift of a customized XBOX 360 console to the teams that actually made the XBOX 360. The gift comprised of the complete console including Green controller, 20GB hard drive (with optional personalized engraving), green bays and Launch Team ’05 faceplate. Very few of these items exist. This came into my possession as my brother in law worked on the packaging design team team in the Irish HQ of Microsoft, and he passed it on to me.

While the console has been used, it has been used very rarely and the condition is nearly new. To clarify, this machine is in perfect working order. As this was handed out to the Irish team, this is a PAL format console. The console itself has never been opened or tampered with in any way, and it therefore has not been modded or altered from it’s original form. The manufacture date on the rear of the console reads 2005-11-09. The engraving on the hard drive reads Achill Island (as this is my brother in laws home town).

XBOX Live Profile – This highlights the trouble with DLC. Unlike a physical game, it’s pretty hard to get back any of your investment once you get bored. Reminds me of a guy I met once, asking $1200 for his Wii based on the prices he paid for DLC.

Massive Atari Collection – Former selling is dumping all inventory.


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