Philips In2It KidCom – Unreleased Handheld System

Years before the Nintendo DS, Philips’s had its own handheld with touchscreen functionality, as well as built-in programs for a calculator, an alarm clock, a photo album, drawings, and making music. Its was name the In2It and it was also known as the Philips KidCom.

Designed as “an educational but fun tool for girls”, the In2It was developed after heavy consultation with children about their ideal product. Unfortunately, that system never came to market, but Philips did produce under 100 of them around 1996, five of which were passed around in Finland for a study to see how kids responded to the handheld.

Auction Here

Seller also has a Hartung Mega Duck Lernkomputer.

Straight up, this is a weird system.

Hartung was distributing and selling the Megaduck handheld in Germany when the Chinese company Sachem launched the complete Megaduck catalog in Gameboy format, on a series of multicarts. So Megaduck games no longer exclusive. Megaduck sales were down, and Hartung Berlin developed a new concept to take advantage of the Sachen games, by adding new capabilities. That’s how they ended up with a portable console with a music keyboard.

It’s a German exclusive and seems to be insanely rare. It plays Sachen Gameboy titles, has a Music Keyboard, a Printer Port and a full QWERYY keyboard.

They also have a GAMATE Electrolab. A Argentina exclusive.


Nintendo Game & Watch 1984 Mickey Mouse Panorama

Squirrel King – Genesis bootleg by the looks of it with Chip & Dale. (Thanks Rob!)
The Lion King 3 Sega Megadrive/Genesis – Another Pirate from the same seller.
Army Men 2 Beta Demo
SNES Super Nintendo Prototype Star Wars
SEGA Dreamcast Katana GD-R – Brand new blank ‘SEGA Original Disc Format’ Katana GDR (Gigabyte Disc Recordable), originally used by developers to test out their codes.


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