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Plug In and Play Pico Cassettes Game Cartridges on Your Smartphone

There is a lost connection to owning a video game when talking about mobile game purchases. Downloading an app is definitely the most convenient source of video game purchasing, but isn’t there something to be said about being able to physically hold your game? Enter Pico Cassettes, the game cartridge that connects to your phone via its headphone jack.

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, founder and Ceo of Beatrobo Hiroshi Asaeda introduced his company’s latest creation in hope that mobile users embrace the affinity for game cartridges. Unfortunately Asaeda only had one game to demonstrate his Pico Cassettes abilities, but he is hopeful that this small example will help his company to drum up support and a licensing deal. And it certainly seems like he’ll get some support.

Pico Cassettes

“The booth hasn’t had a break,” he says of his Tokyo Game Show display. “It really validates what I’ve been saying for a long time. That there are definitely people out there who’d like to have a physical device that they can touch and feel before moving on to the digital experience.”

At the Tokyo Game Show the only Pico Cassette game that Beatrobo had to display was a Flappy Bird clone that wasn’t the most well designed game. But it’s purpose was accomplished; give the audience a glimpse of what Pico Cassettes have to offer. The game cassette looks like a mini Nintendo Famicom video game, an obvious homage to retro game cartridges. The games themselves don’t store software but instead they communicate with Beatrobo’s servers. The individual game cartridge does allow you to keep save games and play each title on different devices but you will still need access to the servers.

So after downloading the Pico Cassettes App a prompt will appear on your mobile device requesting that you insert your cartridge. After loading you are greeted with 8-bit menus and loading screens that all have a crisp high def aesthetic. Asaeda admits that there may be a need for some kind of companion controller to go along with Pico Cassettes as the touch-screen buttons may still not suite the desires of old-school gamers. And in an attempt to perhaps sway more contemporary gamers his way Asaeda has not ruled out offering content beyond retro titles on Pico Cassettes. Look for more from Beatrobo and Pico Cassettes in the near future.

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