Pokemon Rumble Blast Launch at Nintendo World Store

I finally had the time to share these photos from this past sunday’s Pokemon Rumble Blast Launch event at Nintendo World Store. The launch isn’t as big as a typical Nintendo World event but the swags were worth the effort to visit (plus it was my sons birthday). I apologize in advance for the grainy iPhone pics (I forgot to bring my digital camera).

They gave these bags away as soon as you walk inside. The line wasn’t too bad compared to the Black & White launch event. Everything inside was pretty much were left overs from the previous Pokemon event(s) (notice all the Black and White poke-stuff). The best one I out of the bunch is the lenticular Pokemon Black and White poster. The t-shirt (the one in blue with pikachu) was a prize given when you’ve finished off the scavenger hunt. They had TONS of t-shirts. Maybe I’ll give mine away to one of you guys.. 🙂

There are these giant QR Codes throughout the ground level of the store. They also handed out QR Cards for the Pokedex 3D (available through the e-shop on the 3DS) to those who purchased the game. Upstairs was a photo area where you take a picture through this giant red 3DS making it look like its 3D. It was lame 🙂

Probably my favorite part of the store this time around is the Zelda display upstairs. The 6 display cases featured stuff from previous Zelda games and the collectible merchandise that were sold at the time. They even had the cards from the previous scavenger hunt during the Ocarina of Time 3D event. Notice the cardboard flyer?


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