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Portable Dreamcast – A dream came true

Who knew that the Dreamcast would have such a cult following after being put to rest by Sega back in 2001. It’s been 10 years since Sega announced it will no longer support their latest and last console. Companies like RedSpotGames still makes independent releases (check them out!) for the Dreamcast and the homebrew scene is still going strong.

The Japanese store PachimonTV, known for selling kits for hacking such as SNES/MD flash cartridges, is selling these unofficial portable Dreamcasts for a sticker-shock price of Â¥38,000, or $470 U.S. / 368 EUR – this doesn’t even include shipping and handling! We’ve seen portable DC’s before and I’m actually not that surprise to see these actually made to sell eventually.

via GameSetWatch

Link to product page


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