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Pretty Pins and Sealed ‘Stuff’ + a Bonus NWC Find!

This seller has a ton of these World of Nintendo Pin Sets, and while they’re by no means hard to find (mainly because of this seller), they are still neat to have. Â You can even buy two sets and have some snazzy-ish looking cufflinks for that special night out on the town. Â While $12 isn’t the best deal in the world, there is a best offer option which I know from experience that he is pretty lenient on.

Zelda OoT 3DS Store Poster: Â I’m sure promo material will be flooding the market for this shortly.
StarFox Statue: Last one I saw went for $1000 open bidding, but this one does have a Best Offer option. Â It’s almost worth it to be able to smack that smug grin he has off….almost.
I haven’t found anything too amazing lately, I must me losing my touch…I’ll be revamping my searches soon so I can bring you wonderful folks here some oddball video game goodness!Â
EDIT: Â Of course right after I make a post I find something fun and interesting. Â This lot of Nintendo World Championship “stuff” is from a former semi-finalist and includes a hat, a quarter-finalist gold sticker, and semi-finalist purple badge still with the envelope! Â Silly things like the sticker still being on the original back and the envelope may sound silly, but it is little nuances like this that are sure to drive the price up for those crazy NWC collectors.

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