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Promotional Buttons, Displays, And More

Hey there! This is my first contribution to the website! My name is Link584, and I mostly look up Zelda items. I do however search for unique auctions from time to time, and hope I can help discover some hidden treasures for you all.

Today I bring a small variety of promotional items, both already sold and still in auction. The first being these rather awesome buttons that you may find at stores such as Toys R Us or Target. According the the auction, “The Diddy Kong button is a prototype sample and was hand made“. Also note the Super Mario RPG button.

Nintendo Promotional Button Lot

From the same seller: Display Danglers, from Mario Paint to StarFox

Check out all of his auctions for more promo items here.

Speaking of pins and buttons, this other seller is posting a bunch of Walmart video game buttons, some which very rare and others which are just great looking! Here.

Lately the promotional employee Zelda Wind Waker Bobbleheads have been appearing more often then usual. There are currently two up for sale, and compared to some of the winter prices, these are an okay deal for their condition. I have seen a few new in box sell for around $90 just two weeks ago from one seller, so keep an eye out more. The boxes themselves are just little white cardboard containers as these were never for sale.

Zelda Bobbleheads

Still on Wind Waker, here is an open copy of the rare Metroid Prime and Wind Waker Gamecube bundle. Currently a few days left, but expect it to go a bit higher.

Metroid Prime / Wind Waker Bundle


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