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Promotional Pamphlets Are Cool…I Swear!

      I’m not sure how many people are aware of this meaningless little factoid, but I absolutely adore promotional Nintendo pamphlets. There have been so many (and Nintendo continues to pump them out for the current gen) and almost noone has taken the time or effort to document them…it is pure craziness! Most were available in retail stores as a chance to take a look at Nintendo’s newest and coolest products on the market, while others were only giveaways at CES, E3, and other video game related events. There were also some cross-promotional pamphlets where the Big N coupled up with other companies to promote contests or drawings for rad giveaways.Â

    While this Nickelodeon N64 promo pamphlet is pretty darn interesting in itself, it is also a first prize winner for the promotion that was taking place at the time! The major turn-off, obviously, is the BIN price at an eyebrow raising $1,500. My hope for the future is that people begin to realize at some point that a (somewhat) interesting and unique item doesn’t always mean a big selling price…I can dream, can’t I?

Now this…this is a beach towel!
SNES Super Scope Display: Not a prototype, not one of a kind but a pretty spiffy sign nonetheless.
McDonald’s SMB3 Toys:Â All still in the original packaging

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