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Racermate Challenge II 2 NES Game

The Racemaster Challenge II was an exercise bike program designed for the “Computrainer bicycle training system” that interfaced with the NES – the user connected a specially included bike trainer (a device placed below the bike to provide resistance settings and to collect data) to the front controller port, and an included handlebar-mounted sensor displayed data and allowed the user to change settings. All of those trims and trappings are not included in this auction, but the loose cart is interesting enough. This has to be the strangest NES peripheral idea I’ve seen since the Miracle Piano Teaching System. Unfortunately, the cartridge is unlicensed and will trip the 10NES lockout chip – one of the non-included accessories likely prevents this. Running it through a Game Genie or the like may render it playable, but the likely solution is either a toploader or de-chipped NES.

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Ending soon:

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