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Rare First Release of Sega Genesis Beggar Prince English Translation Cart Surfaces

Hey everyone, it’s Kim again. I have tracked down another interesting find for you. This one is for all you Sega fans out there: it’s a game for the Sega Genesis (or Sega Megadrive as it is known outside the U.S.), that beautiful 16-bit console. The game is called BEGGAR PRINCE, and the listing includes the cart, case, and manual. Check out the listing.

Beggar Prince


Beggar Prince, The New Prince and the New Pauper

BEGGAR PRINCE, a 16 bit role-playing adventure game, was originally developed and released by C&E Inc. in 1996. The game is know as Xin Qigai Wangzi in Chinese, which translates to The New Prince and the Pauper. Two years later, in 1998 it was also ported to PC. The game is basically a retelling of the classic story. You play as the young prince and after spending a careless day in town must return back to the castle to reclaim your rightful position as prince. Along the way, the titular prince thwarts the Cat Minister’s plans to overthrow your father, the King, and take over the Shatt Kingdom. Like most JRPG’s of the time, you battle enemies. But, in addition to standard weapons, you collect and use magic to fend off foes. The game never made its way to US shores. This is particularly unfortunate considering the dearth of RPG’s on the Genesis.

Super Fighter Team Brings Beggar Prince to the U.S.

In August of 2005, the prototype for the American version of Beggar Prince was displayed at the Classic Gaming Expo in Burlingame, California. Super Fighter Team translated the title to English along with ironing out many of the worst major bugs of the original 1996 release of the game. The first run release of 600 copies sold out in only 4 months due to overwhelming demand. A second release produced another 300 copies, selling out in 8 months. The third and final release featured all new artwork and better functionality and bringing grand total sales to 1500! Not bad for a ROM hack!

Here Are a Few of the English Translation Features:

  • Beautiful high-color graphics
  • Battery backup save function
  • Whopping 32-megabit game cartridge

This listing is your chance to get one of those original first run copies. Consider that for a minute. There are about 320 million people in the U.S. and only 1500 copies of this game were released TOTAL in the U.S. This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up an extremely rare find with a fairly limited release from a decade ago.

The listing is listed as being brand new. You can clearly see above that the cart does not come in factory seal. According to the seller, manufacturers didn’t seal these carts. Instead, the seller cello-wrapped the case. Keep in mind that this seller is in Italy, so you may have to pay extra on duties.

While I hunting for great items and good deals, I found some popular items that people are watching on eBay. Here ya go:

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