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Rare Playstation 1 Collector’s Editions

Dr. Retro’s (from first post here on GameSniped and what else to start with than some rare Playstation 1 games!

Sony’s first home console was the first system that got a fair share of limited and collector’s editions. Previous consoles have their odd (and usually very rare) limited editions. But with the PS1 publishers started the trend of special editions that was the prelude to the flood of editions we have nowadays.

A lot of the special sets were only released in certain countries, almost every European country has it’s exclusive editions which make it hard for PAL Playstation collector’s to get a full set.

One of the rarest limited editions released for the PS1 is the Resident Evil 2 Special Edition (PAL) This set was only released in Germany in very small print run and racks in quite some dough if one pops up.

Recent auctions:

Complete Version 1 & Complete Version 2

Other rare or interesting editions for the Playstation 1:

Arc the Lad Collection Sony PlayStation PS1 CIB Complete in Box 5 DISC w Manual (didn’t get an European release)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night PS1 Game (actually less rare than the normal edition)
Cool Boarders 3 Combo Pack (from a set of combo games that came blister sealed with a cd case)
12 in 1 All Star Action Big Box Blue Version PS1 Playstation 1 PAL CIB Complete
PS1 : Speed Freaks SPECIAL EDITION Playstation 1
Puchi Carat Limited Edition Factory Sealed Playstation 1 PS1

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