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Expensive and Rare Sega Genesis Games for 2015

Happy holidays to everyone! Hope you all got through turkey day unscathed! Back in the summer we ran this post for the rarest and most expensive SNES games. Since Christmas is right around the corner, we thought you might need some gift ideas for the gamer and video game collector in your life. I decided to give rare Sega Genesis games the same treatment!

While the list for rare Sega games could easily exceed what we have here, this is just the tip of the iceberg for top Sega Genesis games. If you have some criticism of what Sega Games are listed and what might be excluded I apologize! I remain well aware that games for the Megadrive and titles such as the Genesis Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II cartridge garner a high price tag. But, these games are nearly impossible to find. Here is a list of some rare Sega Genesis games that are reasonably priced and currently available on eBay!

  • Musha – A used untested copy just sold last week for $300, and another CIB sold for $400 a week prior to that! The average price for a CIB currently is $408.68. M.U.S.H.A. is a rare treat for genesis collectors.
  • Crusader of Centy – Back in September this game (without the box/cartridge only) went for $175! Another listing with the box, cartridge, and no manual sold for $237.50 a few days ago. And get this – a NIB listing is currently asking for $15,999.99! The current average value for the cart only is $212.50. Some claim this is one of THE more rare games on the genesis.
  • The Punisher – a CIB listing recently sold for $149.95, but cartridge only listings are selling for anywhere between $45-70. The average going rate for this game CIB is $149.95.
  • Master of Monsters – a CIB fetched $85.00 two months ago. Current average cost is $220.00 although bargains certainly exist.
  • Joshua Battle for Jericho – CIB listings are EXTREMELY hard to find. However, the selling prices are drastically different for carts only. Recently two CIB listings that looked identical sold for $69.99 and $18.00, so you might be able to get lucky and grab this title at a decent price. A NIB listing is currently asking for $300. The average price for the game is $126 but dips down exponentially if you settle for just the cart.
  • Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel – a NIB listing sold for $110 two months ago. Listings that were CIB have sold for anywhere between $67 and $102 in the same time span. Currently a NIB listing is up for $300. Average cost for the game is $85. You can get a solid deal on a cart only listing (around $20ish range).
  • Aerobiz Supersonic – this is another game that is kind of all over the place. Since September a CIB game has gone for $25.27 and $67.81. A NIB listing for this game is incredibly difficult to come by. But, by and large, this game IS NOT rare at all. Just unusually expensive for some reason not known to me.
  • Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker – CIB has sold for between $49.00 and $78.80 in recent months. This is another title that will be hard to come by factory sealed. Average price is $41. Like Aerobiz, Moonwalker is not rare at all. Just expensive.
  • John Madden Football ’93 Championship Edition – This game was never sold to the public but instead was a video rental store exclusive. Due to the nature of its retail history finding a CIB copy is tough to come by and a NIB is unheard of. In October of this year a CIB sold for $99.99.
  • Action 52 – Quite possibly one of THE WORST GAMES on the Genesis. That doesn’t stop collectors though. There is currently a CIB listing for $495.00. Back in September, a sealed copy sold for $132.50 and another sold for $99.99. Average cost is $132.50 for the game.


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