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Rare Sega T-Shirts & Mystery Auction

There is an ex-Sega employee with a lot of random promo tees and other stuff up for sale at the moment.

I mentioned a few items last week, but there are a bunch of other listings avilable now.

Highlights include:

Sega Frontline Marketing

This is a shirt for the Frontline Marketing. The Frontline Marketing was just another name for the 900 game hint team. The folks on the phone helping you out of a stuck spot and the people writing the tips for the folks on the phones. If you were stuck in a game, these guys helped you out. You’ll remember this logo on every game for Saturn game disc at the time with the text asking if you were stuck and offering you the 900 hint number.

Rent A Hero

This is a rare promotional shirt advertising… I’m not sure. It seems that every system is listed on the back and a few weird ones like “creamcast”. No clue what this shirt is, I just know that a Sega executive in Japan gave it to me as a gift when I visited the Japanese offices. Has Rent a Hero #1 mixed with Devil Lock on the front.

Sonic Adventure Contest Tee

This is a shirt for the Sonic Adventure World Rankings. We gave these tshirts out to the kids who won in the top 10 I think in speed trails for the launch game Sonic Adventure. They were very, very, very rare at the time but we had boxes and boxes of these at the office so a lot of employees got them. Sonic logo on the front and “The Sonic Adventure Homepage World Ranking Champion” on the back.

3D Blast Promo Shirt

This is a shirt for the Sega Saturn game Sonic 3D Blast. We made a Genesis version and a Saturn version and this is for the Saturn. On the back it says “Alert the stars. Wake up the moon. Summon Saturn. Blue is back. Sonic 3D Blast”. 3D Blast logo on the front. I liked this one a lot and wore it a bunch but it’s in great shape.

Now, adise from shirts there are two other really great auctions. The first is for a Sega Saturn Demo, Sega Scream Volume #2 – which has already broke $100.00. The real prize though is the:

Sega grab bag, I mean box.

So my friend gave me the idea to do a “grab bag” or “mystery box” of all my Sega stuff. I have a bunch of random stuff I’m trying to get rid of and can’t sell it by itself. This is a random box filled with all kinds of goodies from the Sega Master System days all the way up to the Dreamcast. What’s in the box? Who knows, you can only find out by bidding and the higher the auction price goes, the more I’ll add so bid early and don’t wait for snipes!!!!!!! I created the box with the minimal in mind but if it goes for more, all add more!!! I didn’t skimp though… I put one special super, super, SUPER rare item in here (if you own a Dreamcast that is) to really make it worth it and the rest of the stuff is from Sega through the Master System, the Genesis, the Sega CD, the Saturn and the Dreamcast… everything is covered. With the big rare prize at the end. Guess you’ll have to bid on it to figure out what is in it!!! You’ll see by my recent ebay history that what I’m offering is legit and you won’t be screwed… but the auction is as is an what ever is in the box is yours and cannot be returned.

Just hit $100 with five bids and two days to go. Im very tempted to throw some money at this one and see what comes of it.


Sealed Atari XF551 Disk Drive
Origional Dead Space Promo Poster
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories Beachball
Chubby Cherub NES Box Only
Mario Hanafuda Playing Cards from Club Nintendo
Huge SONY PS1 PlayStation 178 Game Lot
403 XBox Game Lot – I actually want this, as Im several hundred games in on a Origional XBOX Collection.
1995 SNES Chrono Trigger Factory Sealed VGA 90 – About to sell for $2,000.00+
Atari Telegame Lot – About to sell for nice coin.
Assassin’s Creed Ubisoft Abstergo Industries Research & Development Division Hoodie


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