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The Most Expensive and Rare SNES Games of 2016

Last year we ran a post this post for the rarest and most expensive SNES games on the market. We thought we would do a follow up to see how some of these rare snes games are holding up a year later.

SNES game prices have not fluctuated too much in the past year. So, this time around we’ve added a few more titles to our list of snes games. And these aren’t just rare games this time around. This list also includes some of the most expensive SNES games that cost so much due solely to their popularity. For a list of truly impossible to find rare SNES games check out this collection we gathered in an older post for our SNES Rarity & Price Guide.

  • Secret of Mana – The price for this title is all over the place. CIB is going for around $150-$200. Listings for just the cartridge alone will run you about $100 less. There is a factory sealed listing for $1,199!
  • Mega Man 7 – Just for the cartridge alone this is going for around $200! There’s a CIB listing for $600 and a factory sealed listing for (gulp) $4,999! Insanity.
  • Firestriker – This title is a little harder to find for both CIB or just the cartridge.
  • 3 Ninjas Kick Back – Still one of the most rare snes games, and still expensive. A CIB (not factory sealed!) is listed for close to $2,000.
  • E.V.O. Search for Eden – Look to spend at least $200 for just the cart. If you need a CIB copy, prepare to spend at least $500.
  • Mega Man X2 – Not exactly a rare item but expensive nonetheless.
  • Incantation – This one won’t run you quite as high a bill as it did last year. But, it’s price is still up there. Look to spend over $600 for a used CIB listing and well over $100 just for the cart.
  • Oscar – Good luck finding this one still intact with the box. CIB is super rare. The cartridge alone fetches a modest $50-$100 dollars.
  • Mega Man X3 – One thing is for sure, Mega Man is still popular. CIB could cost you around $600.
  • Wild Guns – If you can find a CIB NTSC version of this game then you have a real gem! A listing for just the manual alone is currently listed at $164.99.
  • Chrono Trigger – The ongoing popularity for this RPG darling never seems to fade. This game is actually quite plentiful and common. However, the prices don’t reflect this. Prices won’t be dropping on this one anytime soon.
  • The Adventures of Batman & Robin – Due to the rabid fan base for the 90’s animated series just the box art alone is still desirable.
  • Final Fight Guy – This title was a Blockbuster Video exclusive and is hard to come by. If there is a CIB out there somewhere I’d like to see it! The cartridge alone will run you around $300.
  • Ghoul Patrol – Two factory sealed listing for $539 and $1,000.
  • Metal Warriors – This is another one you’ll be hard pressed to find CIB. Just the cartridge ranges from $250-$800.
  • Ninja Gaiden Trilogy – Not too many boxes and manuals survived. There is a listing for just the instruction manual going for $135 and many carts sell around $200.
  • Castlevania Dracula X – This is crazy. Listings for just the game (no box) and just the box (no game) are both going for $200! A CIB listing is currently up for $650.00.
  • Earthbound – As before this game’s price tag does not represent its rarity but its popularity. Average prices have increased slightly for this title. Score a copy out-of-box for under a$200, but those looking for CIB better be willing to spend. You can get a repro cart of Earthbound Uncut for less, but where is the fun in that?


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