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SUPER Rare Ready 2 Rumble Dreamcast Demo Disc and Other User Submitted Items

Link here. I’m back with more user submitted goodies. One of our readers, Peter, recently submitted an ebay bid for the Super super rare Sega Dreamcast kiosk demo disc for Ready 2 Rumble. You can check it out here.

The starting bid is set incredibly low ($.99). If you’re wondering how rare this bad boy is, the answer is incredibly rare. I haven’t seen these discs on the bay yet this year. I don’t remember seeing any copies last year for that matter. You may be able to swoop in at the end of the bidding (6 days left at this point) and outbid everyone else for a serious bargain. The bidding ends Wednesday at 6.50 pm est.

Ready 2 Rumble

Just so we’re clear, this is the demo disc that ran on Sega Dreamcast kiosks in video game and department stores. NOT the actual Ready 2 Rumble dreamcast game (which typically sell around $5). Considering the rarity, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if the bidding ended over $50.

Another HUGE shout out to @GrimmJackson for pointing us towards this hilarious $3,500 April Fools Day listing for a Murder of Crows Bioshock Infinite Vigor Bottle replica. These bottles DO exist on ebay. They are VERY expensive (typically just over $1000). However, this listing was a prank. Here are some of the snippets from this post:


I originally purchased this item through eBay UK, it was sold by a nonprofit that helped street urchins or undesirables or some other such group of untouchables…

…it’s beautiful…..sometimes I sit and stare at it for days on end, thinking about all the good times we have had together….I don’t even mind the pressure ulcers…


It has recently come to my attention that another seller is selling one of these. The current bid is at $999.00 for this person’s listing. So, In the spirit of Ryanesque-Style Capitalism, I am hereby declaring an ad-off!

Sure, his price is what some would call “monumentally” better than mine, and sure, you could probably walk away with a priceless Irrational collectible for what some would call a “rational” price….but let me ask you this, bidder:

Does his have Ken Levine’s blessed fingernail-clippings-water trapped inside that beautiful bottle? I may be wrong, but I don’t think his listing mentioned that….

I’m not saying that mine necessarily does, however, I vaguely remember a rumor, or possibly a dream in which Ken Levine became an ordained minister solely for the purpose of blessing my bottle with his fingernail clippings before it got all sealed up.

Also, I believe that this bottle may be blessed for a number of other reasons…..

#1) Ever since I have had it, I have never been diagnosed with cancer or diabetes. That’s a fact!!!

#B) I have never gone hungry ever since I got it, in fact, I have gained large amounts of weight.

#3) When my wife and I decided to have a kid, this holy artifact was in a room adjacent to an adjacent room, which was connected to the VERY room in which my daughter was conceived! So you do the math, scientist….

#4) Nowhere, and I mean nowhere,  have I found any reports refuting the possibility that This isn’t Levine’s blessed bottle of trimmin’s-juice….

#5) Sure, it might just be my colorful imagination, but one time I swear I saw it spread its patinaed-resin wings and take flight for an hour or two.

Funny stuff. The listing was removed, but you guys should be able to still check it out.


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