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GameSniped Video Game Review of Resident Evil Remake

The upside to releasing yet another installment in an already popular game series is that the bar is set high from the get-go. Resident Evil was first released in 1996. In the (nearly) two decades that elapsed since then the game has naturally lost some of its initial fan base, though it goes without saying that it also garnered new supporters along the way. Then, there’s the issue of the 2002 Resident Evil remake for the GameCube. As such, there was a lot riding on this latest HD release. Would it fare like the 2002 version, or does this new and improved release for newer consoles and the PC work as a standalone edition? We explore all this and more in our new video game review for the 2015 Resident Evil remake.

Resident Evil RemakeResident Evil Remake Overview

By and large, this latest release is very similar to the 2002 re-release for the GameCube system.  The plot, puzzles, game universe, and story are mostly the same as in that older game – but why fix something if it ain’t broken? As we’ll explain below, the gameplay mechanics have been expanded to a relevant extent. The Resident Evil HD game still looks and feels right in many of the ways that the original game did. The adventure will keep you on your toes, with adrenaline levels riding high. Original players will forever remember the dogs-turned-zombies that attack the player; in the 2015 HD title they are very much present.

At the same time, the sense of novelty in this version is plentiful. The rooms of the mansion where the game is set ooze esoteric mysteries. The world of Resident Evil, filled with hints of bizarre mysteries and inventions gone wrong, gradually reveals itself with each new detail uncovered, every puzzle solved. Overall, this new game places the same old story in a new contemporary context, but the puzzles seem smarter, since they’re more largely based on elements in the game environment. And while the 2015 Resident Evil HD game might not scare you as much as the old game did, it still plays up a lot of the elements that worked in the original release. Aside from the zombie dogs, which you know will be forthcoming (but are still scary), there’s an episode with sharks swimming in an underwater scene, which bite you and keep you immobilized for a good few seconds there. Not only are their movements highly realistic, but the drama runs high, given how crucial those seconds are.

The Resident Evil Plot Synopsis

If you’ve never played Resident Evil before, then here’s a quick primer on the game and its story. You can select between playing as Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) members Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. You are trapped in a mansion where four other members of your organization have disappeared and although you’re sent there to investigate this mystery, it soon becomes obvious that you have your own fate to worry about. You need to collect gems and other items, run for your life, work out what those collectibles can do for you, and generally make sure you’re avoiding all the zombies and other scary critters in the mansion.

The Gameplay Mechanics

It’s rather difficult to tease apart the mechanics and the atmosphere of this Resident Evil remake, since they are so closely enmeshed. The atmosphere will influence how you play at times, because, for one thing, you are not in complete control of the camera at all times. Sometimes you are only allowed to see a limited area; meanwhile, you can hear some of the enemies which add to the ambiance of the game. So, you need to decide for yourself if you really want to approach the apparent source of the noise. This element of atmosphere works like a charm for most of the game, but it can sometimes also lead you to panic so much that you feel like you’re wasting precious gameplay time.

A few other issues are worth mentioning here. You can only carry so many items in your inventory, which means there will be quite a lot of back and forth to the places where you can relocate the objects you need to heal or to fight. This involves waiting for a three-second door opening animation every single time. This is not necessarily a deal breaker, but it can be disruptive for the game’s rhythm overall.

The Verdict

93 out of 100 points

resident-evil-hd-remake-screenshotThere are several good points where Resident Evil scores highly. The movie is highly atmospheric, in the same way you’d expect a brilliantly scary B-series horror flick to work. The new and improved Resident Evil characters are based on models fit for 2015 and the 5.1 surround sound environment goes a long way toward building the terrifying atmosphere of the game. You are, by and large, trapped in one of the most atmospheric survival horror scenarios. Sure, some game areas are less impressive than others; and, yes, some players may find that the learning curve for the game controls is steep. But once you get past that first half hour of playing you will find yourself loving the game. The 2015 HD Resident Evil remake for new console systems and the PC is great proof that a dormant classic can be successfully updated and revived. The atmosphere, gameplay, controls, and game mechanics all contribute to this.


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