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Robert Bryne’s Pool NES Unreleased Prototype

From what I understand, Robert Byrne’s Pool Challenge was first know as Cue Stick when it was being developed by Odyssey Software during 1992. It was later passed onto American Video Entertainment.

AVE opted to license the game with the then famous shark Robert Byrnes. Apparently Byrnes requested some last minute changes just before the game shipped and before it could, AVE went under. That or he was too picky about stuff so AVE dropped the license and never had a chance to release it as Cue Stick. These are the two stories I can find, but the seller lists a third below. Either way, it never was released.

The auction states:

Robert Byne’s Pool Challenge was designed and programmed by a software house in the United States, which was named Odyssey Software. They began developing a pool game, and obtained a license from Robert Byrne to use his name with the game. Unfortunately, the programmers had trouble getting the physics of the pool balls correct with the game, and this pushed the completion of Robert Byrne’s Pool Challenge back several months. By the time the Odyssey Software was ready to have American Video Entertainment, another game company, publish Robert Byrne’s Pool Challenge, it was too late. American Video Entertainment had financial troubles of their own, and Robert Byrne’s Pool Challenge was canned.

This auction is for a prototype containing the unreleased Nintendo game, Robert Byrne’s Pool Challenge. The pictures show the exact game you are getting, and they also show some nice action shots of the game in play. If the auction sells with the Buy It Now, I will also include an audio recording interview done with one programmer that will shed more insight into the creation and cancellation of this great game.

Pool Challenge is actually a decent game with tons of features. There are several play modes including Straight Pool and Nine Ball. You can also add different friction settings to the tables, such as sand and ice. This obviously affect the mechanics of the balls and makes the game much more challenging.

Prototypes of the game actually exist as both Cue Stick and Robert Byrne’s Pool Challenge and I *think* there’s at least three of each in existence. An interesting fact is that a final version of Cue Stick was once stolen in a post office robbery – and never recovered.

As of posting, Im not completely sure what has and has not been dumped, as well as what roms were made available. Im trying to figure out for sure (as it does affect price)Â and will update. I do know that Bunnyboy of RetroUSB released Sara Parker’s Pool Challenge which if I remember correct is based off of Cuestick/Robert Byrne’s Pool Challenge. One reproduction seller also has pictures of the game (clear screenshots below) with the statement: This is not original prototype game. This is a hacked version of rom that was released.

Can anyone shead some more light on what has been released for me?

Auction Here – $500 OBO is (in my mind) definately reasonable.

Ref: NesWarpZone, NESDump

Thanks Dave!


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