Saint’s Row The Third E3 Banner

For several years now, most people attending E3 know there’s a second market for all the crap that game companies gives away as swag. Most of them sell for reasonable prices, but there are a few that stand out. This stuff is free anyways, so it’s up to you whether or not you should keep it, trash it, give it away, or sell it eventually.

Some companies like Capcom take advantage of the fans and sell it to them (ie. Mega Man 9 press kit). I’ve never actually seen any other companies besides Capcom try to sell press kits.

PastThePixels posted these E3 2011 auctions, some of which were already posted by me here on gameSniped. There is one item in there with an outrageous price tag – one of which the publisher has reacted upon. THQ has said the sale of that item was unauthorized (see the tweet link). The item in question was this Saints Row The Third Banner which was seen during the free car wash THQ sponsored to promote the game (see pictures of the babes, errr.. I mean the banner here). The banner was listed for $2,000. We don’t actually know how this seller acquired this banner since there was no mention of ones provenance.

THQ through that tweet I posted asked for the auction link/id. eBay takes forever to respond so who knows if this is going to be taken down in the next couple of days. It took them 7 days to take down an auction that stole one of my pictures recently and this is after the auction ended.

via Kotaku, via PastThePixel

Link to the listing


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