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The List of Survival Horror Games (Cont’d): My Favorite Scariest Games on the PC and Consoles

Hey, guys. Welcome back. As I mentioned last week, my list of my favorite survival horror games felt a bit skimpy to me. So this week, I’ve decided to flesh out the list to include general horror video games (be they adventure, survival, or action horror). Let’s check out my favorite scariest games on the PC and Consoles.

Condemned: Criminal Origins – Condemned is sort of like Amnesia’s more action oriented step brother (although, obviously, Condemned was released long before Amnesia). This game is chock full of soupy thick atmosphere as you hunt down a serial killer through trash strewn underground environments. It features a solid melee system which is good since ammunition is very scarce. This game just barely missed out on my survival horror list last week.

Dead Island – Other zombie games such as Left4Dead may have a more serious delivery, but Dead Island is sort of like the ‘greatest hits’ of zombie culture. You get procedural generated weapons, both running/walking zombies, and a free form landscape to romp around in. For me, the Dead Islands are just plain fun (which is the essential point of a video game in the first place). Make sure you buy the PC version so you can mod it.

Doom Collector’s Edition – The granddaddy of shooter games!


Silent Hill (PS1) – I know that I said SH 4 is my favorite. I still stand by that view (ducks to avoid glass bottle). But, who can deny the impact of the first Silent Hill game. This game introduced the J-Horror genre to western audiences well before the Ring or the Grudge ever made their way over here.

Dead Space – Resident Evil 4…in spaaaaaace. In all honesty, Dead Space has enough atmosphere and NOPENOPE moments to creep out even the most avid horror game lover out there. Best of all, this game doesn’t totally rely on action sequences cheap jump scares (looking at you RE 4).

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem – Ah Eternal Darkness. You can’t make a proper horror game list without including this one. Truly a masterpiece. For those of you who still haven’t played it, I don’t want to ruin anything for you. Just, do yourself a favor and play it as soon as possible. The game mechanics are incredible.

SCP Containment Breach – It’s terrifying and free! Cudos to the eye blink system (which is much scarier than it probably sounds).

Sanitarium – Sanitarium is a classic 90’s PC horror game where you journey through your warped psyche. If you don’t like dealing with discs, you can always download a DRM free version of the game at GOG.

Clock TowerSNES and PS1

Fatal Frame – SH1 may have introduced western audiences to the J-Horror style with its creepy, haunted midwestern town. But, Fatal Frame was absolutely saturated in the genre with it glacial, nihilism inducing pacing and pants wetting ghosts. This game is made of so much win for you horror lovers out there. If you haven’t played it, stop reading this and go do so at once!

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