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Sealed NES Bubble Bobble 2

This seller apparently has some old video game store inventory for sale. In most cases, that would probally indicate some massively stickered or even etched carts along with some sun faded boxes. Not this guy. Among other games he has a:

Sealed NES Bubble Bobble Part 2 – Currently at $2.750.00.
Sealed NES Little Smason – Currently at $1,176.99.
Dragon Warrio IV – Currently at $710.00.

A lot of the other games are very nice semi rares.


Virtual Bowling for Nintendo Virtual Boy – One of the VB Holy Grails.
Sylvania/GTE Intellivision console with box – Very cool console vaniant. It’s a Sylvania branded Intellivision console that was given away with the purchase of higher end GTE TV’s back in the early 80’s. The back of the back has a very detailed description of the never released computer adapter.
Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition – This is one of those items, that while rare and expensive, ALWAYS seems to be for sale.
Vectrex 3D Crazy Coaster – Looks pristine compared to most Vectrex stuff I see. Released in 1983, the game has you controlling the movements of a passenger in the lead car of a roller coaster as it plummets down steeps hills and careers around sharp curves. One goal of the game was to keep the passenger’s arms raised throughout the ride without being flung out.
Playstation Debugging Station DTL-H1000 – Blue Japanese Test Unit.


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