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Moderately Rare, Sealed Sonic CD For Sale On Ebay!

An awesome sealed copy of Sonic CD recently popped up on Ebay. Big shout out to our friend Jimmy for bringing this auction to our attention.

Gamers are getting pretty excited about it! Want to find out why? Read on below.

This Sega Mega CD is brand new and still sealed in its original factory plastic. According to the seller, it shows some signs of wear and tear but is in excellent condition otherwise.

Keep in mind that this Sega CD listing is for sale in the UK and you will have to pay import fees for it. At present, it has been bid on 23 times. The current bid is £122!

This game is the first Sonic game of the series to be produced in CD-ROM format. Sonic CD features FMV as well as higher-quality sound. The CD format version was originally developed by SEGA in Japan and released back in 1993. Development and production began in 1991.

It was a huge hit with gamers and critics alike. Many consider this game to be one the best Sega CD game ever released. It is also considered to be one of the best platform games of all time.

If you are unfamiliar with the game, it would be helpful to know a little bit about the series. You play as Sonic the Hedgehog. The goal of the game is to defeat Doctor Robotnik, Sonic’s nemesis.

In order to defeat Doctor Robotnik, you must collect seven Time Stones. As you move through the different zones, you will notice changes in the music, obstacles, graphic displays, and more. Many of these features were thanks to major improvements in memory thanks to the CD format.

According to Rarity, Sonic the Hedgehog CD scores a 60% on the rarity level. The average list price for a new in box (NIB) Sonic CD set is around $70, the average list price for a CIB set is $30.00, and the average list price for loose is $12.

Sealed NIB copies of this game are nearly impossible to find these days.

If you want to purchase this Sega Mega CD, you better hurry! The Ebay sale ends soon this weekend.

You’ll also need the SEGA CD add-on if you want to play this game. Check out the listings here

Check out this rare Sonic memorabilia for sale on Ebay that any serious collector needs to see!


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