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Sealed Super Mario Bros. at Goodwill Auction site

Some of the big ticketed items that sold in auctions and on eBay came thrift stores. As millions of people each week donate used and un-used goods at thrift stores in the United States, it’s become a quite apparent that wanna-be treasure hunters are always on a lookout for anything unusual every time they visit one. Sometime this month, the Goodwill Auction site auctioned off and sold a rare photograph of Robert E. Lee for $23,000. It’s an incredible piece of history being donated to the company. A few years ago when I first found out about the site, I thought it was bad thing to be taking advantage of what people donated. But then you suddenly realize, that the money they get is the same money they use to providing each community at each town they’re in a tireless service to those who’re in need of help. In these darker days living in America, you learn to appreciated services like them.

But it is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to rare collectibles sold at their auction site. Many other items comes and goes on there and mostly that stuff gets under the radar. But one thing in particular that gets a lot of attention on their site: video games. A few years ago, I saw other rare games get listed and sold for a hefty sum through their site. When Final Fantasy VII was a hot collectible, the site featured a sealed copy and sold for over $1,000. A few days ago actually I posted the Sealed Stack Up for NES donated to the San Francisco Goodwill and through ebay it sold for $830. I see Game & Watch pieces sold on there for $300-$500 too..

I usually browse the site once or twice a week. Their auctions usually run for 8 to 10 days sometimes longer. While I was browsing, I happen to notice this set of NES games and what caught my attention was the sealed Super Mario Bros. This one on eBay sold last week for $575. Since this is the only one being offered publicly for sale at the moment and with a new game coming to the 3DS platform, it’d be interesting to find out how much it could go for though I’m fairly certain it won’t get passed $700. But anything can happen and like always, it depends on how much the buyer would spend on it. The listing already attracted 29 bids and currently sitting at $600 with just 2 days left.

Link to auction page


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