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Sega Fusion All in One Genesis, Sega CD & 32X Custom

A crazy SEGA fan has crammed a SEGA CD, 32X and Genesis into a Saturn shell and dubbed it the “SEGA Fusion”. Genesis games, Sega CD games, Sega 32X games, Sega 32X CD games! Play it all! No Sega Master System games with a converter though (because of the 32X).

Auction Here – Looks surprisingly good and has a ton of bids already.


Unlicensed Nintendo NES Brazillain Dynacom Caltron 6 in 1
DS Proto Lot (On NA) – Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (gold master, with several pages of submission paperwork), Contra DS (unreleased European version, early alpha, released in US as Contra 4), Aliens: Colonial Marines (beta, cancelled, but later renamed and released as Aliens: Infestation)
Rare Fallout 3 Promo Card from PAX 2008 Demo
Mario Kart DS Figures – Shy Guy, Waluigi, Luigi, Wario & Mario
Elder Scrolls V Oblivion Signed Skyrim Soundtrack
Sweet Costco Original XBOX Blister Sealed Bundle
Promotional Madden 99 EA Sports Water Bottle with Accessories – Includes Original Slim Jim ad and Race Schedule and a Letter from John Madden With reproduction Signature.
Custom Fallout 3 Vault Boy 108 Jumpsuit Costume w/ Ammo Utility Cartridge Belt
Nintendo Gamecube Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker Link Bobble Head
Bioshock 2 Limited Edition Sinclair Solutions Syringe Pen
SILENT HILL COLLECTION for PC (2,3,4, Homecoming) Sealed
Original Sony Playstation 2 store display kiosk
Gears of War 3 Thrashball Cole Resin Statue Full Color Edition
Vintage Silver Atari Jacket
Sharp Twin Famicom


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