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Sega Game Gear Special Pack Honda Verno Limited Edition

There is like zero information on this packing out there anywhere, but it is one of the rarer Sega Game Gear editions.

As the seller says:

I don’t know much about the history of this package, but I think it was a present given to buyers of a HONDA car in HONDA Verno retailers in Japan circa ~1992.

The package contains:
– Game Gear 1st model in box complete with box, manual, strap etc.
– Game Gear Car Adaptor complete
– Game Gear Car Antenna complete
– TV Tuner Pack complete
– Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II complete

Auction Here


On the topic of rare Sega stuff, eBay seller naevax is planning to sell a lot of his collection. His current auctions are here and deserve their own feature. Highlights include:

  • Sega TeraDrive (Model 3) and Monitor with all original accessories – Due to its high price on release few of these were made and are becoming increasingly difficult to get a hold of especially in a working condition. This one comes with and boots into a custom interface with access to IBM’s DOS J4.0/V and from what I can tell has additional programs to overclock the TeraDrive processor.
  • Sega Wondermega M2 – The Wondermega, also known as the X’eye in North America, is a combined Sega Mega Drive and Mega CD which was made by JVC and was released in Septermber 1994
  • Amstrad Mega PC – A special Amstrad computer with the added features of a Sega Mega Drive. It was initially released in 1993 in PAL regions for the expensive price of £999.99 (later £599.99). It is unrelated to the Sega Teradrive, though shares similar specifications as the computer side is also powered by an Intel 80386sx processor.

    They have already sold a Sega Aiwa CSD GM-1 (Considered by many collectors and magazines alike to be one of, if not, the rarest Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Consoles in existence. Less than 1000 were made and they were only sold in Japan.).

    This seller has a couple cheap Super Famicom Lots again.

    Fallout New Vegas Promo Snowglobe – Sweet item. I would like to know if this is a legit liscensed item for sure, as I can not find refrences to it anywhere.

    50+ Sealed Atari 2600 Game Lot

    Seller with a lot of nice Gamecube lots

    1981 Electronic Games Magazine (1st Issue)

    Vintage Pac-Man Read Along Book And Records


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