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Sega Genesis Blockbuster World Championships II

Looks like the very first boxed copy of this game has been found.

However, to be honest I`m actually more impressed that another copy of the game has poped up. The things is from what I can tell the box is just an extra cart sticker stuck on a generic Genesis case. Which means, unless someone who was involved in the event can actually confirm that all the games were like this, it could easily be something made by an employeee back then who had an extra sticker.

No idea what this actually is?

Not as much information is available about this game, unlike some competition carts such as those for the SNES. Not surprising however, as it is significantly rarer. Less than five six copies have been confirmed to exist, with three of them passing through the hands of our own Nicola.

Apparently, in 1995 Blockbuster organized their second Video Game Championship. For SNES, Rare built the well known Donkey Kong Competition Edition cart. For Genesis, Acclaim made this cart.

There were two categories, up to 13 and over 14 years old. You also had to choose to compete on the SNES or Genesis. From June 14th to July 9th there was a Store Championship Competition, then the WVGC-Finals. Each store had to award a Store Champions with a prize of free rentals for the next two years (two games a month).

The best eleven players then won a trip to San Francisco for the final fight in August, inside the GamePro (gaming magazine) HQ.

Unlike the SNES Donkey Kong cart however, this cart could not be won, nor bought. Store owners were ordered to destroy the cart after the competition. Not surprisingly however, that didn’t always happen.

The last copy (sold by Nicola), went for a final price of $2,068.05. None have sold publically since 2006 – 2007.

Lately, there has been a copy for sale. It`s actually been the better part of a year at a $6,500.00 BIN or best offer. It sold for $5,000.00 but was eventually relisted due to a non paying bidder.

(I`ve had multiple people send me this over the past week, thanks to you all)


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