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Sega Genesis Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II

Last time I posted about one of these, there were less than five copies confirmed to exist, with three of them passing through the hands of Nicola (one of gameSniped original writers and a Italian collector). Not sure if this is a previously unknown copy.

In 1995 Blockbuster organized their second Video Game Championship. For SNES, Rare built the well known Donkey Kong Competition Edition cart. For Genesis, Acclaim made this cart.

There were two categories, up to 13 and over 14 years old. You also had to choose to compete on the SNES or Genesis. From June 14th to July 9th there was a Store Championship Competition, then the Finals. Each store had to award a Store Champions with a prize of free rentals for the next two years (two games a month).

The game itself contains watered down versions of NBA Jam Tournament Edition and Judge Dredd.

Unlike the Donky Kong cart however, this cart could not be won, nor bought. Store owners were ordered to destroy the cart after the competition. Not surprisingly however, that didn’t always happen.

I know a copy sold circa 2005 – 2007 (by Nicola) for $2,068.05, a horrible condition copy in 2010 for $2,000 and last year a copy sold for $4,500 – $5,000.

Auction Here – The top of the cart looks like the seller has obscured the “Not For Resale” text in the image.


1994 Blockbuster World Video Game Championship Hat & Pin – Would go great with the cart.
PS2 Test System – Only $50 currently.
Sealed Early 1990s Nintendo Mario Brothers “MARIO MANIA MOBILE” Retail Advertising Display M30MA – Only $15 currently.
Nintendo Merchandising Chair – No idea on the origins of this. I doubt the German seller is going to get the almost $2k he’s asking.
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Version ZERO Play Arts Kai Figure – Very rare variant of the sneaking suit Snake figure from the Peace Walker line of Play Arts Kai. This version was a limited production run of 100, and was only available to purchase at the 2010 Tokyo Gameshow or 2010 San Diego Comic Con.
Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom Official Paperback Strategy Guide Hint Book – I have a feeling this will fetch a nice price. The NES equivalents go for insane prices.
Lighted Electronic Arts 20th Anniversary Crystal
Earthworm Jim Original Animation Cell
Nice 150 JAP Gameboy Game Lot – Most boxed.
Large Dreamcast Lot – System with 70+ games. Nice titles.
Starblade Alpha Playstation 1 Sealed Longbox


N64 Neon Sign – Sold for $500.
Sealed Warcraft Collector’s Edition Set: Original, BC, WotLK, Cataclysm – A mere $3k.


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