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Sega Hot Wheels 2003 Set

It looks like back in 2003 Hot Wheels did a small subset containing three Sega vehicles.

Card number 110 – Fandango – Space Channel 5

Card number 111 – Phaeton – House of the Dead

Card number 112 –Lotus Esprit – Shinobi

Card number 113 – GT Racer – Monkey Ball

Card number 114 – Custom Cougar – Jet Set Radio Future (JSRF)

Despite their inherent awesomeness, none seem to fetch much of a premium. Individually, the Monkey Ball GT Racer, Shinobi Lotus Esprit, Space Channel 5 Fandango, Jet Set Radio Future Custom Cougar and the House of the Dead Phaeton can all be had for under $2.00.

Seller tynstar19 has all five up for grabs in one auction, and has some other nice gaming related toys as well.



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