Sega SG-1000 1st Edition In Multicolor Box

I`ll be completely honest in that I know nothing about this than what the auction states. The seller however, is one of the owners of SMS Power and is definately one of the go to guys within the vintage Sega community.

From the auction:

I am selling a Sega SG-1000 in its very rare initial packaging release.
Released in July 1983, the SG-1000 (which stands for Sega Game 1000) is the first Sega console. It uses a Z80 CPU at 3.57 Mhz, a TMS9929A video chip and a a SN76489A sound chip. Those components makes it very close to the Colecovision hardware. SG-1000 software were released until about 1985 up to when it was phased out in favor of the Sega Mark III / Sega Master System generation of hardware.

SG-1000 systems regularly appears on eBay and sell for three-digit amounts. What is less known is that the “common” packaging (with dark blue and silver color) isn’t the initial batch of release of the SG-1000. This is an earliest, rarest colorful release of the SG-1000 that is also way more beautiful. It also happens to be the first console that Sega released.
(You can notice on the photo on the package that it shows a prototype design for cartridges. The final cartridges looks different from the one shown on that packaging)

I’ve been tracking down old Sega items in Japan for many years and only saw 2 of those sold in the past few years. I purchased both myself and I am selling one today because I need to move appartment in a few months and starting to part my duplicates. This is as far as I know the first time this package shows up on eBay.

The system has been tested and played with.
The box include:
– Sega SG-1000 system with controller attached
– Box (in two parts + soft cardboard bits inside)
– AC Adapter
– RF switch box
– Manual
– Poster

As an extra bit of beauty, the back of the box is filled with a pattern of Sega logos 🙂
I wonder why Sega stopped using this pattern in later releases and later consoles because it is super cool.
The box shows its a age and is a little washed out. There is a crease on the back and part of the back in tainted (noticeable on the photos).

Don’t miss a rare opportunity to get hold of Sega 1st released console!
This system was released 27 years ago and immediately phased out in favor of a newer packaging. You may never see one again.

Auction Here


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