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Sega stuff for the week end

Hi everybody.
First post here, let’s start with some sega goodies.

Master system control pad factory sealed You don’t see this one so many times a year

Master system SG-commander Pretty rare pad, released in Europe only on the sega brand. Boxed ones go for ridiculously high amount

SEGAscope 3-d Pack Mint in box, bit pricey though

French Sega SC-3000 with ultra rare Golgo 13 game Nice bulk lot to start a collection, this is the fourth Pal copy of Golgo 13 I see in maybe 10 years collecting

Othello Multivision FG-2000 The Othello Multivision is a japanese clone for the SG-1000 series. Two models were released and a couple of games developped for it. Since those games were playable on the Sega SG-1000 and SC-3000, the system itself is pretty hard to come by.

Korean megadrive game compilation Contains 30 games, most probably master system port as usual on those cartidges

Official sega master system carry case

Game gear instant PAL collection

Street fighter III third strike Dreamcast Pal factory sealed One of the couple pal dreamcast games you don’t see factory sealed too often

Megadrive game OH Mummy Spanish homebrew game released last year. Your chance to grab it if you missed it ! Pretty decent game but I heard the distribution had… “some problems”

That’s all for today, see you next week !

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