Sega TeraDrive

The Sega TeraDrive was an unusual homegrown project by Sega, in which the Mega Drive was fully integrated into a 16-bit PC created by IBM. Rather than simply being another case of the Mega Drive being tacked onto a device, the TeraDrive ran a custom OS (DOS compatible) and allowed the PC and Mega Drive portions to run simultaneously. In fact, Sega took things one step further and allowed the TeraDrive to be used as a development kit for users to create and run their own Mega Drive games.

Three models of the TeraDrive were made available, the most expensive of which featured a 30MB hard drive in addition to the 3 1/2″ floppy drive. This model up for auction appears to be said HDD model, and the seller claims the HDD (replacement or not is not specified) is in working order along with the rest of the unit. All homebrew enthusiasts should keep their eye on this auction!

Auction Here


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