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SNES Super Nintendo Famicom Lasabirdie & Get In The Hole

Back in 1995, Nintendo worked with Japanese electronics giant Ricoh to release Lasabirdie, a personal golf simulator for the Super Famicom.

The Lasabirdie bundle included the Get in the Hole game and several control accessories. Though the Lasabirdie lacked any motion sensing technology, its implementation was remarkably similar to the Wii’s. Players used a light-sensor-equipped golf club in conjunction with a sensor pad to measure their strokes. This setup detected the speed of a player’s swing and translated it into the simulator. The game offered a training mode that showed players how their slices hit the ball and gave advice on how to improve their swings.

Lasabirdie’s production was limited to 3,500 Japanese units and in 1995 it was 46,800 yen, which was about $450. The one listed below is at $2,600 OBO, but one the last one I noticed went for around $300. However this was many years ago, at open auction and much less complete.

Auction Here

Here’s an awesome video on the game as well:


SIX Factory-boxed Brand New Super Nintendo SNES PAL consoles – Seller is still pumping these out. Has to run out soon though.
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El Lingote ZX Spectrum – I know nothing about this but am told: The ingot was released in Spain in 1987. was a compilation of games for the Expectrum, is very difficult to find in this state, I think in two years only to see this on Ebay. Cash and todo.Empaquetado with like a real-ingot, this compilation included 10 games to none that had appeared on the market during 1987. Most of them went directly from the catalog of U.S. Gold and Ocean, which claimed several recreational conversions and made it even more interesting, if possible. Not to say that each of the games came separately with cassette in its case
The Smurfs (PAL SEGA MEGA CD) – Hasn’t surfaced in at least a year and the last known one sold for around 250 euros years ago.
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Metal Gear Rex 24 “Custom Figure – Needs a feature, but mentioning in case I don’t get the time.
Unopened vintage Bomberman promotional binder
Unopened vintage Bomberman promotional opera glasses/binoculars

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