SOLD! What me and you missed lately..

Haven’t posted one of these for awhile.. here’s what you and I missed cause youre too busy watching Glee:

Phantasy Star (Sega Master System) signed by the Sega Team with Certificate of Recognition from Sega – Sold for $1,000

Dead Space Ultra LE – Sold for $1,250

Gameboy Pocket Glico in Box – Sold for $200

Myriad Six in one – Sold for $960

Clayfighter Sculptors Cut N64 + Manual – Sold for $242

Felix the Cat for Gameboy Sealed – Sold for $500

Epoch Game Pocket Computer (Handheld) – Sold for $199

Final Fantasy X Original Sealed – Sold for $339

DJ Max Fever Crew Edition (limited to 125) PSP – $200

New Play it Loud! Game Boy (Yellow) – Sold for $311

Little Samson Demo – $308

Loom PC Sealed – $300



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