Some Recent Sales

A couple of these we may have mentioned, but I wanted to look at some of the sales as of late. Lots of crazy prices here.

Nintendo M8 Store Demo Display – Sold For $1,700.00

New Nintendo Egg Game & Watch – Sold for $1725.00

Sealed NES Slalom – Sold for $1,625.00.

Nintendo Super Metroid Store Display Sign – Sold for $1,275.00.

Boxed Virtual Boy Store Display – Sold for $770.00.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Pokemon Groudon Edition – Sold for $580.00.

New Game & Watch The Juggler – Sold for $530.

Sega Dreamcast Mazzora Limited Edition – Sold for $2,399.00.

Sega Master System Store Demo System – Sold for $799.99

Boxed Sega SG-1000 – Sold for $720.00.

Limited Edition Biohazard Sega Dreamcast System – Sold for $699.99.

Sega Treamcast Portable Dreamcast – Sold for $549.95.

32X Collection – Sold for $600.00.

Sealed Megaman Sega Gamegear – Sold for $517.61.

Daytona USA CCE Net Link Edition Sega Saturn – Sold $510.00.

White Sega Game Gear – Sold for $470.00.

Sega Game Gear Red Coca Cola Limited Edition – Sold for $449.99.

Custom XBOX 360 w/ Built In Screen – Sold for $4,200.00.

Pure White 2nd Anniversary XBOX – Sold for $1,500.00.

South Park Signed XBOX 360 – Sold for $810.00.

Dark Knight Limited Edition Xbox 360 Console – Sold for $600.00.

Atari 2600 Aid Raid – Sold for $2,938.98.

Sealed BattleSphere Gold for Atari Jaguar – Sold for $763.00.

NIB Atari 2600 Dealers Test Console – Sold for $750.00.

Atari Jaguar Gorf – Sold for $645.00.

NIB Atari 2600 Videoplexer Game Selection System
-0 Sold for $399.99.

2600 Tooth Protectors w/ Manual – Sold for $375.00.

10 Million Model PS1 – Sold for $610.00.

Final Fantasy XII LE Playstation 2 Console – Sold for $320.00.

ColecoVision System Console Complete In Box – Sold for $202.50.

Atari C-100 Pong -Sold for $289.99.

Samurai Shodown V 5 US AES Neo-Geo Home Cart – Sold for $960.00.

Neo-Geo AES Blazing Star”>Neo-Geo AES Blazing Star – Sold for $931.00.

King of Fighters 2003 US AES Neo-Geo Home Cart – Sold for $635.00.

Pc Engine LT Japan NEC Console Complete – Sold for $1.350.00.

Vectrex 3D Imager – Sold for $721.00.

Would anyone like to see me make this a regular Monday feature for things that sold the previous week?


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