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Some U-G-L-Y Merch

Sometimes an item comes up for sale that just….there are no proper words to describe this thing.  The seller actually has some interesting Sonic, Mario and Pokemon merch up for sale, most notably for me is this 10th Anniversary Sonic Coin & CD Pack.



6 1990 Mario Birthday Party Hats

Donkey Kong Country Exposed VHS:  I’ve never seen one with the Sears/Funtronics logo…I’m assuming it’s the same VHS that was sent to everyone with a Nintendo Power subscription, but a neat looking variant.

Lenticular Pokemon Christmas Cards:  Tis the Season!

Super Punch-Out!! Promo Button

Lenticular Mario 64 Watch:  This was for sale via the Nintendo Power Catalog

Zelda a Link Between Worlds 3DS Standee:  It’s crazy to see one of these at a low starting bid…everyone always wants too much!


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