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Sonic 10th Anniversay Sega Dreamcast Signed By Yuji Naka & Master System Kiosk

This is an extremely rare Dreamcast which was created to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 10th anniversary. Sega Europe marketing arranged to have 50 consoles specially prepared but only 40 of these bore Yuji Naka’s signature (lead programmer of Sonic the Hedgehog). The seller states that they know this firsthand, as they were to person to assemble them! The standard European PAL consoles were stripped down and the casings sent off to be sprayed in the bright blue to match the European Dreamcast logo. The GD drive lids were then sent off to Sega Japan for Yuji Naka to sign and then returned for varnishing to seal his signature forever. You can see a slight difference in colour between the GD lid and top casing. The seller then had the task to reassemble and test the consoles. These special consoles were then used by SoE marketing to promote Sonics 10th Anniversary and were allocated as follows (I’m archiving this for prosperity):

Sega Europe UK config – MK-55000-05
1 DE974268130
2 DE010219362
3 DE974401957

Dreamarena UK config – MK-55000-05
1 DE010737262

UK UK config – MK-55000-05
1 DE010735268
2 DE010252536
3 DE010739051 <------- One for sale! 4 DE011002529 5 DE973729700 6 DE970690171 7 DE970702423 8 DE974417576 9 DE010739075 10 DE071542751 11 DE010737248 12 DE010737231 13 DE010735213 14 DE071542782 15 DE010741054 16 DE973729731 17 DE970690133 18 DE973688236 19 DE970690157 20 DE973234105 21 DE973301128 22 DE973301234 23 DE973730010 24 DE970690140 25 DE970516990 26 DE970702935 France FR config - MK-55002-09 1 DE973301241 2 DE973226674 3 DE973234112 4 DE973301210 5 DE973226711 6 DE970516716 7 DE973234129 8 DE970517133 9 DE973729670 10 DE973226704 Un-accounted consoles - standard top lid 1 DE973336366 2 DE973226698 3 DE011004448 4 DE011008026 5 DE011006022 6 DE973688366 7 DE973730058 8 DE970515696 9 DE973688281 10 DE973234136 The seller pulled this from an Excel file he had saved. Very cool item, and which which you won't see for sale again anytime soon. Auction Here


Master System Kiosk – Unlike more modern console kiosks, the Master System kiosk is not simply a shell protecting the console, but in fact a completely different piece of hardware capable of running Master System games. Inside houses sixteen cartridge ports for western Master System games, and each game can be selected from the front of the unit. Up to four controllers can be attached to the unit from the back (which is important for games reliant on the Light Phaser), and a television is designed to be placed on top of the unit. Been awhile since I’ve seen on of these for sale.
Vectrex 3D Imager – This was the first attempt for true colour 3D / virtual reality on a home console. Looks awesome and was only released in small quantities in the USA.
Nintendo Gamecube Component Video Cable – When I run across these I’m always surprised what people will pay to run games in progressive scan.
SNES Dual Turbo Wireless Remote System Controllers – Brand new licensed controllers from Akklaim.
Sega CDX Game Console – I’ve always wanted a boxed CDX, but have never had the desire to part the price they fetch.
Sony Playstation 2 TOOL Development System – Huge piece of hardware. The ps2 tool is a complex system for development of PS2 games. Using a special ps2 mainboard, backplane and single board computer in one, the PS2 tool is one of the most intricate dev systems ever made due to it being designed around style, not function.
Set Of 10 Nintendo NES Konami 28″ X 22″ Mail Away Posters – Some of these sold for good coin last week. This is super cheap given that.
Megaman Powered Up Stick Sheet – Cute stickers.
Die Cut Vintage Atari 2600 Display Posters – Super Breakout, Warlords and Centipede.
Sega Master System James Buster Douglas Boxing – One of the SMS holy grails.


Sonic the Hedgehog Official Stylebook and Character Manual – This manual is the 1997 official Sega reference source issued for use by Sega’s own in-house personel and 3rd party marketing to ensure character art remained consistent for licensed products. The manual was used by Sega Europe marketing during the Dreamcast project and comes with the Sonic Digital Style Guide CD in the back of the manual.
Official NES Video Game Preservers – Nothing crazy, but I’ve never seen boxed NES clamshells before.
Mario RPG SNES Prototype – German text!


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