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Sony PlayStation 3 Gran Turismo 4 GT4 Press Kit – Numbered #0001 of #4000

First off, this may be a fake. It does not have the certification letter that these come with (or at least does not mention it) and the pictures look very stock. I need to check with someone who owns one and see what they think.

According to the seller only 4,000 were made and given exclusively to the European press for review of the game. These were not available to the general public and some journalists were asked to return them to Sony.

Included are:

– Commemorative spectators pack
– Etched numbered metal plate – #0001 of #4000!
– Game disc (which may be different to the final release)
– Asset disc (including hi-res screenshots, videos, artwork, info etc.)
– ‘Driving the Game’ enthusiast coffee table book
– Faux leather passport cover
– Pop-up calendar

Auction Here


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