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The Incredible Story About NES’ Most Elusive & Desired Game

People become gamers and video game collectors for a variety of reasons.

Some people enjoy the challenge of playing video games or the thrill of winning, some enjoy the camaraderie of playing with friends and other gamers, some enjoy the graphics and animations.

When it comes to collecting old Nintendo games (as well as other video games/systems), the appeal of hunting down NES games for sale usually resides with the potential monetary value of a particular game (or games) along with the sentimental feelings the games bring back.

Stadium Events NES

The reason why some video games become popular and/or highly valuable can be a bit of a mystery.

Sure, a game with an interesting premise and incredible graphics that is enthralling to play may become very popular among gamers. But why do some, seemingly dull and boring games become highly valuable to buyers and collectors?

That exact question is the mystery behind Stadium Events NES game. Stadium Events has become one of the rarest NES video games out there. When it comes to NES games for sale, Stadium Events is one of the most highly valued and unbelievably desired games by collectors.

The game is so highly desired that it was recently featured in a full-length article on ESPN. Why? Probably because a copy of this rare video game in its original packaging sold for a whopping $25,000 to a video game collecting orthodontist from Bedford, Indiana.

The orthodontist had previously purchased 2 other less-pristine copies of Stadium Events for less than $25,000, but still quite a bit of money by most people’s standards ($1,475 and $11,518.19 respectively). This leaves us confounded and wondering; what makes NES Stadium Events so desirable?

It certainly isn’t the vast appeal of the game itself which is said to be boring and not enjoyable to play. Stadium Events is based on four different sporting events that would be played on the Family Fun Fitness control mat.

NES games for Sale
Source: Pinterest (Video Game Auctions)

The high desirability of this rare game seems to lie simply in the fact that it is extremely difficult to get your hands on. It is essentially the golden ticket of video games; if you can get one you are very lucky and are probably privileged in one way or another. No one knows for sure how many copies of the cartridge exist, nor how many were produced when the game was released in 1987. Not even Howard Phillips (a former face of Nintendo) knows where all the cartridges got to. That certainly makes this mysteriously rare video game an enigma of sorts.

So you may be wondering when Stadium Events cartridges are discovered, where exactly are they located? The copy of Stadium Events that was purchased by the orthodontist in Indiana was found by a young woman in a Goodwill store in North Carolina back in 2013. Jennifer Thompson had previously read an article about the elusive NES Stadium Events game. Upon seeing the Stadium Events original Nintendo for sale in the Goodwill display case for $8, she thought she might be mistaken. A quick search on the internet confirmed her hunch: she had struck gold. A man named Tim Atwood discovered a pallet of video games in an abandoned warehouse back in 1992. As it turned out, the pallet contained cartridges of Stadium Events.

If you are able to acquire your own copy of Stadium Events, you get to become part of an elite group of collectors or game owners. Some gamers/NES fans say that’s a problem, though; this game and other rare games like it are potentially ruining the fun of video game collecting because of the elite prices that only a select few can pay.

So, what do you think? Are the rapid monetary ascension of games like Stadium Events good for collecting, or are they ruining it for us humble collectors?

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